Silas Sao
No. 20



Neighborhood Film Co.

Ricky Staub's Neighborhood Film Co creates beautiful stories, but it's only one part of what makes this production team so special.
How did you end up in your industry?
Out of college I worked as a production assistant on any set anyone would let me on. After a couple years I was hired by film producer, Sam Mercer, who took me from LA to Philly to work with M. Night Shyamalan where I worked on the film, The Last Airbender. Several years later I would return to Philly to launch my production company, Neighborhood Film Company, with a mission to hire adults returning home from incarceration.
Movie you are embarrassed that you cried at?
A Walk to Remember
What has been the highlight of your career (so far)?
Being able to make my first feature film in Philadelphia with the crew who helped shape me as a Director is certainly the highlight of my career so far.
First piece of music you ever purchased?
Probably a Goo Goo Dolls CD.
What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?
Build a company that can outlive you. Before I started my company a mentor of mine said that most entrepreneurs build companies that live and die by their presence. But if you want to make something truly sustainable make it like a star fish. A star fish can lose a limb and still survive. In fact they grow the limb back. So at my company I constantly look to hire people who are better fit to run it than me. Whose influence is more powerful and more dynamic than mine. I want to work with people whose talent intimidates me.

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What the skyline of Philadelphia looks like from the Navy Yard haha. Working on a new film to be shot in Philly!