Steve Boyle
NO. 07




Where some saw a dilapidated and forgotten about school building, Lindsey saw a future where commerce, creativity, and entertainment came together.
If you could choose one theme song to play whenever you entered a room, what would it be?
For the last 18 months, I’ve keep hearing “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John in my head... and loving it.
Which trend from your industry makes you the most excited?
The recognition that regardless of how beautiful a space or a building is, the most important part of any place is how people USE the space and how the space makes them feel. I’m really excited to see more people recognizing this human value creating playful and interesting spaces that embrace that spirit.
What’s the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?
Probably another big old beautiful building to renovate and maybe a lovely little salt shack for my mental health.
Favorite activity to pass time when you’re not working?
Cooking in the kitchen with a favorite podcast or curling up with the Sunday paper and tea. I really like to make time to slow down and think, taste and test.
Best kept secret of your city?
I love FDR Park – it is a place of life and energy for so many! I love the Southeast Asian Market, I love exploring the meadows, I love having a picnic with friends, I love watching people throw the most epic parties you will ever see. It is a vibrant and diverse public space that belongs to everyone and yet no one in particular – and that makes it magical.

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Working at a french bakery selling croissants.

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The correct names for parts of an eyeglass. Turns out the side-things are called temples!