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Founder of Stay Lokal

The scrappy founder of Stay Lokal, creators of the Philly area’s most beautiful boutique rental experiences.
What restaurant are you excited to get back to once quarantine ends?
Lately it’s been Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown. My wife was diagnosed with celiac a number of years ago so I've cut back my pizza eating in front of her as it’s just kinda rude. So when I’m in Fishtown on business or with my boys I take every chance to grab an amazing pie from Beddia along with one of their salads and Joe’s choice of wine which is always great.
What’s something most people would find unexpected about you?
I have no formal training or degree in my industry and both my wife and I came from poor families. Most assume we have degrees in real estate and/or inherited money to start our businesses. Neither of those are true for us. Just a lot of research, trial and error and hard work...
First piece of music you ever purchased?
Led Zeppelin I – IV
Favorite activity to pass time when you’re not working?
Working on one of our vintage trucks. One is a 94' Bronco we dubbed the “Lokal Bronko” and is our company vehicle in Cape May. You’ll find our family cruising around the warm months always with the top off and our boys bopping in the back seat. The other is my work truck - an '87 Toyota Land Cruiser with a Chevy 350 V8 transplant. Both are constant works in progress and custom painted in our backyard with truck bed liner.
Best kept secret of your city?
For Cape May I’d say the best time of the year is the offseason when the crowds are gone but up to 20 restaurants are still open including the wineries, breweries and distilleries. For Philly I guess a lot of people know we excel at food and are much nicer than most folks think, but they might not realize you can throw a dart at most any neighborhood now and visit only that Jawn for a long weekend and have an absolute blast without ever hitting any of the main destinations downtown.

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