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Love City Brewing

The co-founder of Love City Brewing, Melissa Walter, is building a brewery dedicated to serving crowd-pleasing drafts in a space the whole community can enjoy.
What restaurant are you always excited to get back to?
I love me some pub grub, and Memphis Taproom will always have a special place in my heart. But I get excited about Charlie was a sinner. (I'm vegetarian) I want to eat everything from their menu.
How did you end up in your industry?
I came from a completely different place - I worked in the mental health field prior to opening Love City Brewing. Kevin, my husband and business partner, worked for another brewery, so I already loved craft beer. And then we took the leap into our own thing! My path is definitely not the norm, but I use my therapist skills every day. So much of owning and running a business is about communicating clearly and helping people feel heard.
What’s the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?
A building for our brewery! We don't own the bricks, and now I'm seeing how important that can be.
Favorite activity to pass time when you're not working?
Physical activity: rollerskating! I am into dance skating and it's so much fun. Stationary activity: knitting and crochet. I love having something to do with my hands.
Who is someone you admire right now?
I am always in awe of Margaux Murphy of the Sunday Love Project. She's been feeding people on Kensington Ave for years, and now she's opening a free-choice food pantry. One of the most giving people I have ever met!

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