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Mission Taqueria

The brains behind Mission Taqueria, an ever-evolving cantina committed to its community, the arts, and helping those in need.
What restaurant are you excited to get back to once quarantine ends?
Palizzi. “The Club” became such a creature comfort spot for me back in the beforetime. It was like entering another era, where I’d be simultaneously among friends, yet hidden from the world all at once. With a whole cheesey Raviolo just for me...
How did you end up in your industry?
By just being nice to people? I owe so much of the progress in my career to the many wonderful relationships I have. I love meeting new people, and helping others connect through meaningful events and spaces. In the end, that just translated to a career in hospitality.
First piece of music you ever purchased?
Mariah Carey’s Music Box from The Wall at the St. Charles Town Mall. Played. It. OUT.
How has your business pivoted during the COVID era?
We try to pivot at least twice an hour to stay sharp. We’ve done it all: New take out and delivery menus, a pop up restaurant in the parking garage across the street, a subscription based mezcal club, movie nights on Fridays. It’s been a lot of hustle, but each of these things has allowed us to keep connected to our friends and regulars at a time when connection has been difficult to come by.
What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?
If nothing changes, nothing changes.

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