No. 01


Hospitality Industry


February 10th, 2021

Five Questions with

Gavin McKay - Unite Fitness

What restaurant are you excited to get back to once quarantine ends?

Charlie Was A Sinner

How did you end up in your industry?

I took a year off to travel and find myself and along the way I realized how central fitness and wellness was to my life and happiness. After returning I set my personal mission to share that approach with others.

First piece of music you ever purchased?

This really requires more context but I bought 2 tapes, yes before CDs: Poison and Belinda Carlisle. It's complicated

How has your business pivoted during the COVID era?

The pivots never ended. Started online workouts in days then built a full studio and platform out. Full outdoor class schedule all summer. Then rented a warehouse and setup a super distanced studio to keep going through Winter. Busy 2020.

Best kept secret of your city?

I've always been a wilderness person and this last year it was an even more critical part of my mental wellness to be amongst trees and nature. Wissahickon Creek Park is by far the best and closest respite from the city life, just 20 minutes drive but a world away.

Photo Credit: Shot by Rosie Simmons